Next Book, Moving, Starting School And More!

Ever feel like your life is directly from a clip of Ground Hog Day? Well you’re not alone. However, I am not currently in that season….more like the opposite. Lately there has been so much change around me that it is hard to keep up. Exhibit A: Someone asked me yesterday what road I lived on and I could not tell them.

Life is constantly evolving, even if you feel like you are stuck in a rut and the next episode of the same thing will be starting again tomorrow, believe it or not, things are changing around you. Your kids are growing. We are getting older (womp womp). Our communities are expanding and eventually (maybe sooner than later), the ever changing world will push in from around you and you will feel its effects.

For me, we have a lot happening. Three weeks ago we moved to Nashville, Tennessee. The move was easier than expected, but last weekend it hit me. You can only push things out for so long until said pushed “thing” rears its head.

Having a “snack” in Leapers Fork

My son started school for the first time in his life, we have no friends, and everything is foreign. It’s a lot. My kids are troopers. I keep telling myself if they can do it, so can I. So far, God has been so much more gracious than I could have imagined. My son has not complained about school once (and he is a complainer). Truly, if you have a worry ask God for help. It may surprise you how carefully He is listening.

My son on his first day of school

In addition to this, I am pregnant with our third child. I get out of breath going up the stairs, I have to pee constantly, and I look like I have had too many beers (it’s not the cute phase by any means). This baby was going to help me with being sad through the move, but so far the only emotion I can give credit to this baby for, is simply being emotional.

This all leads me to book number two!! I have had this second children’s book written for a while now. For this book I am attempting to get a publisher. I happily self published BRAVE, but as you may or may not know, when you self publish a book the marketing responsibility is solely left in your hands. If you want the book to continue to sell, you must continue to market. With everything going on this year, having a helping hand with marketing through a publisher would be greatly appreciated. Sneak peak for those who are interested, my next book’s title will be “Angel Feathers”.

Life is nuts. It always will be. I have realized that your kids can melt your heart, but seconds later may make you reach for the bottle. Seasons of stagnancy and the mundane come, but also go. And most importantly the magnitude that personal outlook has on your feelings. We can always choose to compare, hold on to the past, worry about the future, and then miss out on this very instant. It’s easy. It’s natural. We all do it. However, we can also choose to live this moment. Not worry about what we are and are not accomplishing, and try to focus on the good and happy in our lives.

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