Kathleen & her family recently moved from Jacksonville, FL to Franklin, TN
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Feathers From Above

A feather may be found by your bed, near the couch, in the car, or even floating in the air.  Feathers are often found randomly, but may not be random at all. “Feathers From Above,” is a rhyming children’s book that discusses how feathers fall directly from the wings of our very own Guardian Angels. These Angels are sent from God to watch over us throughout our lives, and their feathers are reminders that we have nothing to fear


BRAVE is based on the real life experiences of a child who is scared of going to bed at night. This book is for every child and shows there is a super hero within us and we have nothing to fear. We are safe.  We are loved.  We are BRAVE

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  1. Can’t wait to receive my hard copy! I’m so proud of you. Your crushing being a mom, wife and author.
    Hope you sign for us it’s for my grandchildren Avery, Darren & Roman ( your 3rd cousins)
    Love forever,


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