Indie Florida Offers Free E-Books Including BRAVE, By Kathleen Davis

Ok, so this might come back to bite me in the a$$, but I love free and I can’t not share something great when it’s free. A few months ago I submitted BRAVE to be considered to join Indie Florida. Yesterday I found out it was accepted and is up and ready to be read…for FREE. Click the link below and enjoy and if your state doesn’t have access to Indie Florida then go ahead and click the other link below to tell them what’s up.

Hi Kathleen Davis,

Congratulations, you have successfully moved into the library space!

Your book, BRAVE , is now available in Indie Florida, a collection of books from local indie authors available exclusively on the BiblioBoard Library mobile and web platform. This collection is available to patrons of participating libraries all across your state/region. That’s right, your book is now available with just one click of a button to thousands of new readers in your state/region!

Your Book

If you see your library does not currently have access to Indie Florida, please let us know so we can let your local librarian know how they can adopt our indie author programs to easily promote local authors like yourself!


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