How to fit it all in.

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I’m not going to lie, this is tough. Parenting, homeschooling, taking care of random house keeping things, and managing my new book. I am juggling it all, while balancing on a ball with only one leg and at any moment everything in the air may come crashing to the ground. But I don’t think it will. And, if I’m being completely honest, I am loving being in this new circus act.

Sure the laundry may sit in the dryer for a few more days, and the dishwasher may actually be clean, full, and un-emptied. My kids are now forced to play on their own a little more (God-forbid), and dinner might involve an extra take-out night. But guess what? It’s all good. The earth is still spinning, and even if my laundry is not folded, tomorrow comes again as normal.

My book BRAVE, is almost done. In weeks, maybe even days, it will be up and ready to be shipped. This however, does not mean that I am done. On the contrary, I am realizing this means that I am just beginning. Marketing, book talks, cold calls, managing social media, read alouds, and stretching my time between pursuing my goal, and being a mother. I need 32 hours in a day. I am tired, but shockingly enough I am rejuvenated.

I listened to this TED Talk the other day by Angela Lee Duckworth (see link below). It’s great. Basically she discusses how the strongest predictor of success is not I.Q. , social intelligence, good looks, or anything else you may expect. She states that success is determined by simple and honest grit. Having passion and perseverance for very long-term goals.

I have worked so hard in everything I have done in my life. Being the first woman in my family to earn a college degree. Teaching for 10 years. And my greatest challenge and passion that will never end in raising my two small children. Writing books is my next chapter and it will be no different. I will bust my tail.

So if I am addressing the truth in the question of “how am I fitting it all in?” The honest answer is that I am not. Things are falling to the waste-side, but my goals are steady.

Click here for TED Talk

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