Meet the Illustrator

Martyna Nejman is the illustrator of Feathers From Above

Illustrator Martyna Nejman did a beautiful job on Feathers From Above

Rekha Salin is the Illustrator of BRAVE

Rekha Salin is a children’s book illustrator from India living in Bahrain, with her husband and 2 kids. Her works are lively, full of emotions and energy and have beautiful bright, but muted colors. Inspired by nature and people, they capture curiosity and incidents weaving the world around her characters.  As a child art was the only thing that came natural to her, however her Corporate job in the Accounting field took her to places all over the US and a few other countries, widening her outlook and understanding of different cultures and diversity.

When her son was born and she had to quit her job, art soon filled the sudden void in time. From a pastime, to passion, to career it suddenly became everything. 

Digital media using procreate is her most preferred medium for illustrations, however for sketchbooks she also works in traditional mediums using acrylics and watercolors mixing them with pencils, color pencils and charcoals for textures. 

Her love for picture books began when her kids started to read. She loves illustrating for kids, it excites her to capture the world from a child’s eye and tell them stories that empower and build their self confidence.

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