Why I Wrote BRAVE

I am a daughter, sister, wife, teacher, mother, and now writer. I wrote BRAVE with the hope that children would read the book and feel just that… brave. Nothing is worse than being a child and night after night going to bed scared. Nothing is worse than being a parent and night after night having a scared child.

My son most definitely is one of these children and I suspect that my daughter may one day be as well. I hope that this book helps children feel more confident and less scared when going to bed. I hope that this book helps children understand that they are all superheroes and have nothing to fear. Lastly, I hope that this book helps children always remember that they are loved and safe.

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  1. Jennifer Smith Avatar
    Jennifer Smith

    So exciting to hear about your book. My husband and I have opened a new Christian book store in Cookeville TN. I was touching base with you to see if you would want to put your book on our store. Please email us at ranjen2069@live.com.
    Thank you,
    Jennifer Smith

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