Conquering Nighttime Fears

We all have fears in life. Some people may be scared of flying, swimming, or simply sending their kids to school. However real, or disillusioned fears may be they are real to us. We can be told “not to worry,” “everything will be fine,” but in the end our fears remain. Children are no different. And nighttime fears can be a struggle for many parents and children. In my home, we discovered this reality with both of our children simultaneously.

Next Book, Moving, Starting School And More!

Life is constantly evolving, even if you feel like you are stuck in a rut and the next episode of the same thing will be starting again tomorrow, believe it or not, things are changing around you. Your kids are growing. We are getting older (womp womp). Our communities are expanding and eventually (maybe sooner than later), the ever changing world will push in from around you and you will feel its effects.

Jacksonville Momcast: Kathleen Davis Children’s Book Author

Check it out! Need some daily inspiration? Have a business idea but not sure how to launch it? Want to simply hear from strong women who are getting it done? Then Jacksonville Momcast is the right place to start, a beautiful podcast discussing motherhood and more in the "904". I spoke with Shannon, the… Continue reading Jacksonville Momcast: Kathleen Davis Children’s Book Author

Indie Florida Offers Free E-Books Including BRAVE, By Kathleen Davis

Ok, so this might come back to bite me in the a$$, but I love free and I can't not share something great when it's free. A few months ago I submitted BRAVE to be considered to join Indie Florida. Yesterday I found out it was accepted and is up and ready to be read...for… Continue reading Indie Florida Offers Free E-Books Including BRAVE, By Kathleen Davis

Walking The Parenting Tightrope

Photo by Marcelo Moreira on You’re sitting in a public place when suddenly it happens!  The instagram shoot commences.  “At last!” you tell yourself “some entertainment!”  and 99% of the time it is relentlessly entertaining.   This happened to me.  I went to the beach yesterday and saw not one, but two young women… Continue reading Walking The Parenting Tightrope