Christopher Award Article

Though Kathleen Davis and Gary Jansen each tell different stories in their respective Christopher Award-winning children’s books “Feathers from Above” and “Remember Us with Smiles,” the one common theme is love. Kathleen explores the love of God that gave us each a guardian angel, while Gary (and his wife and co-author Grace) reflect on the profound love of family. Both authors joined me recently on “Christopher Closeup” (podcast below) to discuss their work and the spiritual beliefs that guided them in the writing process.

Tips To Get Your Kids Reading

Reading to our kids and making sure our children are reading on their own is sometimes a difficult task to be held. If you don’t have a child who is naturally inclined to read, then reading may even become a chore, something the child sees as another thing that must get done, and possibly even a punishment. It doesn’t have to be like this and here are some tips to help make reading a natural part of your day.

Structure in a very unstructured world. Why our kids need schedules, predictability and order.

I will never forget the day a teaching consultant came into my classroom. It was my first year teaching. I was 24 and had a group of fourth graders in Y'bor City, Florida. I had gone to graduate school for education, but honestly had no idea what I was doing. The consultant was middle aged,… Continue reading Structure in a very unstructured world. Why our kids need schedules, predictability and order.

Bedtime Stories

Reading to our kids is more important than we could ever imagine Bedtime in our house is always the best and worst part of the night.  The day is wrapping up, quiet time is instilling and the expectation of not having to take care of anyone else for the rest of the evening is quickly… Continue reading Bedtime Stories

Kids Reap Big Benefits From Bedtime Stories

My advice to parents with children who are interested in improving their child’s reading ability would be to start small. Anything is better than nothing. Try to start with short books that interest both you and your children. Aim for two to three read alouds per week, whether at night, waiting for the dentist, sitting in the car line or in between commercials during the football game.