Moving And Shaking In Nashville

Sometimes life can be scary. No matter how much we may tell ourselves that we don’t need to be afraid, our fears are in fact real to us. We can be told “not to worry,” “everything will be fine,” but in the end our fears remain.  Children are no different.  And nighttime fears can be a struggle for many parents and children

Kathleen Davis, a local Franklin mother of two, has decided to triumph this issue in her home.  Kathleen is author of the children’s book BRAVE,  a book meant to encourage children to be brave at bedtime and always.  Kathleen is a retired teacher of 10 years.  She spent most of her career searching for and reading good children’s books to her students.  When her own children could not get through the night without waking her up she decided to do something about it “ I knew what my children needed, and could not find any books that affirmed their fears, but also left them feeling safe and confident,” Kathleen stated regarding coming up with the idea for BRAVE.  “I also knew what literary elements I would want as a teacher in a book.  I needed something developmentally appropriate, that had good vocabulary, illustrations, and most importantly that both kids and parents would enjoy reading. BRAVE became the perfect book for all of that!”

In August, Kathleen and her family moved to Franklin from Jacksonville, FL due to a work transfer for her husband. She had her own “fears” about moving and thought that this transition would be a big adjustment for her family and her, but to her surprise everyone has loved it.  “It is an amazing city with so much to do,” Kathleen expressed. “On the weekends we really enjoy going exploring. Jackson Falls and Leipers Fork are our favorite spots for a Sunday adventure.  We also found the farmers market at The Factory, such a fun Saturday morning.”

Kathleen and her family are “doers” always looking for a cool place to explore and so far she has been busy.  “We have been to distilleries, parks, libraries, local restaurants, the zoo, the awesome Science Center in Nashville, and can not wait for the next weekend to find more.  We really are trying to see it all.”   

Despite being in a new city Kathleen has set her fears aside and is making the most of it. “I decided I simply needed to adjust the way I looked at moving.  Franklin is not Florida, but it is extremely special in its own way.  When something is new, I think it is best to stop comparing to the old, and once I quit that nonsense everything fell in place. I really had nothing to fear with this move, and feel truly blessed to be here.”  

Kathleen has been enjoying her time continuously marketing BRAVE to the Nashville area.  BRAVE can be purchased on amazon by searching “BRAVE, by Kathleen Davis”.  And locally at Brilliant Sky Toys, Landmark Booksellers and Barnes and Noble.   

You can also follow Kathleen and her family’s adventures throughout Franklin and the Nashville area on instagram @kathleendavisbooks and facebook  @bravethebook.kd

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